“The Game” Season 4 Recap

“The Game” Season 4 Recap

I was counting down the seconds until it was finally 10p.m. Overall, I felt like the episode had its good parts but was trying to do too much.

The Good

Tasha Mack had her classic one liners.  Derwin was his same caring self. I appreciate that Tasha did allow herself to be vulnerable and not runaway from a relationship this time.

The Bad

It seemed like there was overkill on the drama.  From Kelly’s reality show to Malik sleeping with TT’s girlfriend.  I realize the episode had to make up for a two year lapse and catch viewers up to date, but I felt like it was too much to soon.  In the past, the season premiere’s have given you just enough to want more.  Kelly’s Angelina Jolie inspired tattoo was a bit much, as was the age progression of her daughter Brittany.

The Ugly

The DNA drama between Melanie, Derwin, and Jenay.  I hope Melanie does the right thing and tells Derwin the truth about Derwin Jr. I didn’t appreciate the way she want behind his back to find out the truth.

This is just the first episode so I’ll definitely keep watching to see how this season progresses. Obviously, alot of people were excited about the premiere because BET had its highest ratings (7.7 million) viewers ever.

Shine On!


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