Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!








I have a lot to be thankful on V-Day! I’m blessed to have awesome family and friends. Its weird, at work today I was rushing to finish my V-Day cards so I could mail them to my family and all of a sudden I started getting really emotional.  I started thinking about all that my family has done to be there for me and how they make me laugh and push me to be my best.

Throughout the day I got tons of V-Day well wishes which was awesome. Also,  I got to see one of  my former students which was awesome. I also received a card from my parents. (I love receiving cards.)

Finally, I met one of neighbors and she showed me a magic trick.

Overall it was just a great day.


Shine On!


One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  1. I love sending/receiving cards. Somtimes I am kinda corny like that LOL. I used to want to work for Hallmark ! Thanks for the blog love. I was returning the favor. Looks like you are on a positive path. I like that ! Peace & Blessings

    Beautifully Complex

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