I’m Back!!!

I’m Back!!!

Miss me?  I took some time off to recharge and release. Concerning the lent challenge here is an update.  I failed miserably when it came to giving up dessert.  I was fine eating yogurt for a few days and then I fell off. #epic fail.  I did really well with the Facebook part of my challenge.  It helped me mentally.  I realized I was using Facebook as crutch or distraction and now I’m proud to say I limit myself to checking my Facebook page once a day.  I’ve also removed the alerts from phone to help me focus.

I finally joined the YMCA, but I’ve fallen off. I realize I enjoy Zumba and am praying to God to get through cardio aerobic class. So I’ve learned I have to mix up my exercise routine.  I’m determined to get healthier and I realize it takes time.  Adapting a healthier lifestyle is not achieved in one day.

Concerning the social challenge I’ve made strides.  I’ve danced at a friend’s wedding, gone to the movies with a new friend, and saw Ledisi in concert.  I’ve learned that I can have a great time just by myself and its fun just to be spontaneous.

Overall this challenge brought me closer to God and made me realize that I’m never alone.  Furthermore, life is a journey and that I should enjoy ride.

If you celebrate Lent what did the last 40 days teach you?


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