Make Your Own

Make Your Own

Today I was blessed with the opportunity to help celebrate a retired professor’s 90th birthday. He took the time to reflect on his journey of growing up in Snow Hill, AL to eventually becoming renowned band director at an HBCU.  His words of advice were simple, “make your own.”  This statement means to forge your own path in life and help someone else in the process.

This statement confirmed to me that I am headed in the right direction personally and professionally. As of late, I have been struggling with whether or not I have become complacent at my job. I really enjoy my job, but I’m wondering if I’m giving it my all.  One of my dreams has been to publish professionally in an academic journal.  I have great ideas, but that’s all they are. Just ideas scribbled on a piece of paper.

This statement today confirmed the fact that I have to face my fears and just try.

So here’s to trying.

Shine On!


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