Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Wow, 2012 will be coming in a couple of days.  I cannot believe its been a year since I started this blog. I would like to start by saying thank you to everyone that has stopped by and read a post on this blog.  Writing this blog has been very therapeutic and in the process I learned a lot about myself.

1. Going natural was the best decision I ever made.

2. It’s important to make your health a priority.

3. I love country line dancing and Zumba. Basically any form of exercise where I’m moving.

4. Balance is key. It’s important to make time for fun and not just work all the time.

5. It okay to say no.

6. Communication is key. Its better to talk things out, then to just assume or leave issues unresolved.

7. Spiritual growth was very important in that I realized it was important for me to work on my personal relationship first with God.

8. Learn to let go.

This year I can honestly say I was able to let go of people, toxic relationships, and negative baggage.

Overall, I learned that I’m more fearless than I thought  and that life is to be lived plan or no plan.

I’ll see you in 2012!

Shine On!

Looking back on 2011 what lessons did you learn?




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