The Single Life

The Single Life

Source: US

This morning I read the following article from The Washington Post entitled,  The Single Life.  (The article links to the complete article featured in the Post magazine.) I was reading some of the comments of the respondents and the overwhelming theme was that you can still live a full life and don’t pity them.  There is nothing wrong with being single and not being married.

I’ve talked to my mom and great length about her life before she got married at 28. She told me that  when she graduated from college she was focused on living her life and marriage was her least concern.

In the past I used to get frustrated when people ask me why I was not married or have kids as if I was an oddity. I now realize  why people say just to let life happen. God knows the desire of your hearts and all things happen in his perfect timing. I’m excited about this single life. I’m traveling to Atlanta for work this week, but I definitely plan to throw some fun into it.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!


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